Hi everyone. Have you guys heard about the #dontrushchallenge videos that are going viral at the moment? Well guess what, Senerocco has a surprise for you….Yeah! U’re right, we made one too!!

I would like to thank my dearest friends and family, Yasmine, Flo, Maria and Liam, Sara, Roxanne and Malik, Djiby and Sohan who took part in this video and without whom this fun experience wouldn’t have been possible.

Friends from all over the world, France, Morocco, Belgium, the Netherlands and even Quebec and Saint Martin, (represeeeeent!!!!😜🤘) agreed to be featured in our video.

Senerocco is going international!!

I’m so grateful for my friend Flora, from Pamoja Links (contact her for all your professional networking events👌) for putting all the sent in sequels together and all the time and effort she spent in cutting, editing, adding effects to make it a great video.

Thank you all for your support and your trust in our products.

One love,

Time to enjoy the video now…😝

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