Confinement Post!

Dear lovely fans,

Most of us are confined in our homes for the moment, hoping the situation will soon be over. We all have to adapt to the new situation, God knows that home office, home schooling can be quite challenging at times!.

So much time on our hands! Use it well. Use this time to spend quality time with your children, time to get that 1000 piece puzzle out the closet; be creative, draw, paint, build complete towns with Lego, or just dance funny on the latest radio tunes!



We’ re lucky to have internet, the only way we now have to stay in touch with our loved ones. I’m so grateful for all the video chats we have had and the laughs and stories we are able to share. Take time to put things in perspective and think about the essentials in life…Meditate, process what is actually happening to the world!

Together, we’ re strong, and we will get out of this!

Stay Safe you all …




Stay Home

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