About Senerocco

My name is Soraya. I grew up in Morocco and Senegal, which explains the name of my webshop.

Both these countries mean a lot to me. I fell in love with the vast variety of design in fashion, art, furniture, footwear, accessories Senegal and Morocco have to offer. On top of that, all I saw was handmade by local artisans, with natural and authentic materials.

Eveytime I would visit the local markets I would dream of bringing back a full lorry with all the beautiful items I had seen. I decided one day to introduce a small assortment of these beautiful articles to my friends in Europe …. Senerocco was born.

I just love wandering through the markets in Senegal and Morocco, and discover new design ideas for our interior, new fashion looks and accessories. I will make sure to offer you a trendy piece that will just fit your new season outfit or an authentic item that will perfectly fit in your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

A little insight on the natural cosmetics Senerocco is offering. In the past, I have tried several different beauty products from different brands, and since I have a very sensitive skin, nothing really seemed to work for me. The cosmetic products were too aggressive on my skin, I would have burning feelings on my face and it would turn all red! My mom made me discover the virtues of ARGAN OIL and rose water. The effects on my skin were so soothing and calming, I decided to start using them on a daily basis.

Morocco offers a great range of natural products that have been used by women for ages. I thought, why not go back to 100% natural, it’s the best all women could do to preserve a healthy and natural skin. That’s when I decided to use the ARGANEO product line. I import all the skin products directly from Morocco. All the product formulas have been developed by a certified pharmacist. You will find more information on our page about the different benefits of the natural ingredients such as pure argan oil, natural ghassoul clay, rose water….

Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have questions or need more information about one of our articles. Enjoy your visit on our page and hope to read from you soon! Sincerely yours


  • Oh! and we speak several languages: French, English and Dutch fluently 🙂